Onshore and offshore deep drilling projects

Your independent service provider for onshore and offshore deep drilling projects by large enterprises

EDPSolutions as an independent service provider offers support for large enterprises in the exploration and production market for:

  • Planning and development of deep drilling rigs (onshore, offshore)
  • Planning and implementation of geothermal projects

The services that are offered range from project management, planning and implementation to completion.

Focal points of our services

  • Planning, implementation and support in the construction of deep drilling rigs
  • Exploration, production and geothermal project implementation
  • Complete packages: preparation of major projects such as site preparation, drilling campaigns and commissioning (including approvals)

Customer objectives come first

Organigram Exploration & Production
Focal points: rig management, planning, realisation of onshore & offshore projects, training, customer support

Support for large enterprises in the oil and gas industry:

  • Testing and integration of innovations in the national and international market
  • Customer support
  • Project support
  • Training of personnel

Companies in onshore and offshore oil, gas and geothermal production benefit from our exploration service:

  • Professional planning support
  • Targeted implementation of all measures
  • Reliable monitoring and on-time realisation
  • Cost reductions thanks to a time-saving, efficient approach
  • Cooperation based on trust and in compliance with contractual terms

Numerous additional services complement our portfolio:

  • Implementation support
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Monitoring
  • Expert opinions
  • Employee training

Occupational safety in oil, gas and geothermal exploration

Occupational safety is among the key success factors in the realisation of onshore and offshore oil, gas and geothermal exploration drilling today. We offer the following related services to our customers:

  • Consulting in all safety matters
  • Development of safety-related concepts
  • Development and implementation of management systems
  • Conducting hazard analyses
Specific services for oil, gas and geothermal exploration
  • Preparing the contract specification
  • Managing the tender process
  • Preparing and managing approval procedures
  • Managing mining law procedures
  • Managing water law procedures
  • Planning, tendering and management of seismic data
  • Implementation planning for deep drilling projects
  • Drilling site and drilling rig requirement planning
  • Preparation of deep drilling programmes
  • Preliminary geological investigation of fundamentals and pre-assessments
  • Project management and implementation in the construction and deep drilling phase
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical drilling project management
  • Required measures for cost control
  • Evaluation of pumping tests
  • Evaluation of bore holes and optimisation of deep drilling work

EDPSolutions is the solution when you need an onshore expert and offshore service provider for deep drilling projects!

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