Gas projects

EDPSolutions is the ideal partner for companies that value professional gas exploration project management. For gas exploration and production projects, we offer project management to companies along with project support in all phases and areas of activity.

Key aspects of support for gas projects:

  • Testing and fracturing the formation – exploratory drilling
  • Onshore and offshore exploration
  • Setup of drilling and extraction sites
  • Support in all deep drilling matters
  • Support in extraction technology matters
  • Integration in gas pipelines and networks

The services offered by EDPSolutions include the following gas exploration and extraction measures:

  • Support for gas exploration concessions
  • Geological exploration measures
  • Process management for deep drilling

As a service provider for gas companies, EDPSolutions handles all required project work from planning to coordination and realisation to interpretation.

Benefit from the extensive know-how of EDPSolutions for efficient project management and implementation.

Benefits of project management for gas projects:

  • Efficient project progress
  • Reduction and avoidance of risks and error sources
  • Smooth project implementation
  • Cost reductions through efficiency improvements
  • Cost reductions through quality improvements
  • Reinforcement of own personnel resources
  • Know-how transfer
Specific project management tasks for gas projects:
  • Support in obtaining exploration permits
  • Planning and coordination of geological investigations (seismic)
  • Planning gas plants
  • Preparation of project studies
  • Preparation of special operating plans for the mining authorities
  • Preparation of feasibility studies – economic and technical
  • Preparation of tender documents for construction and drilling work
  • Obtaining mining, construction and water law approvals
  • Planning, coordination and monitoring of deep drilling technology
  • Monitoring and coordination of construction and drilling work
  • Quality assurance for construction work and deep drilling
  • Consulting and support for employee health, occupational safety and environmental protection (HSE)

EDPSolutions offers comprehensive gas exploration project management to energy companies in gas exploration and gas extraction: From deposit investigation to planning, exploration and gas extraction to follow-up and optimisation.

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