Drilling Rig

Drilling rig and derrick (rig)

In exploration a drilling rig is a derrick (rig) that is suitable for the development of oil, gas or water deposits by means of deep drilling.

The main components of a derrick (rig) are:

  • Steel tower
  • Sub-construction
  • Work platform
  • Finger board (monkey board)
  • Block
  • Hoist

Derricks are classified as “top drive” or “rotary table drive” rigs.

Borehole -> exploration well, exploratory drilling

Exploration well, reconnaissance drilling and exploratory drilling refer to deep drilling in order to search for and investigate oil, gas and geothermal deposits.

-> Also see: Definition "exploration and production"
-> Information on the exploration of crude oil, natural gas, geothermal

Borehole -> deep drilling

Deep drilling refers to drilling into deep geological layers in order to develop oil, gas or warm water (geothermal) deposits.
Deep drilling of boreholes with a diameter of more than one meter is called large hole boring or shaft drilling.

Drilling process -> rotary

Vertical and slightly angled deep drilling to develop oil fields, gas deposits or hot water deposits is often performed using rotary drill pipe. The corresponding drilling technique is referred to as the “rotary drilling process”.