Companies in the oil, gas and geothermal industry

We support your success to help you make discoveries

EDPSolutions is the solution for national and international large enterprises and oil companies that require support in the planning and implementation of exploration projects in order to meet the demand for oil and gas.

For companies involved in the construction of deep drilling rigs, EDPSolutions supports the development of deposits with even higher efficiency (keywords: low-cost principle, slimhole drilling)

EDPSolutions as a project management service provider supports all companies that need support in onshore and offshore deep drilling for oil, gas and geothermal exploration & production.

Companies we work for in the oil, gas and geothermal industry:

  • National and international corporations
  • Oil exploration companies
  • Gas exploration companies
  • Offshore companies
  • Onshore companies
  • Geothermal companies
  • Mining and tunnelling companies
  • Deep drilling companies and drilling firms
  • Oil industry companies
  • Gas industry companies
  • Generating plant operators
  • Energy companies
  • Energy service providers
  • Government authorities, cities, municipalities
  • Plant operators
  • Institutes, public authorities
  • Technology companies

EDPSolutions is a qualified service provider supporting onshore companies and offshore companies in the construction of deep drilling rigs and the development of deposits for oil, gas and geothermal production in addition to providing highly flexible project support.

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