The latest exploration know-how & years of experience

EDPSolutions is an experienced service provider that supports large enterprises in the oil and gas industry with exploration and production, both onshore and offshore, by offering efficient project management.

Learn why they benefit from the latest know-how and practical experience.


Know-how and expertise

Benefits for the oil and gas industry

The benefits of project implementation and project management include higher productivity, reduced stress and improved performance in projects for onshore and offshore oil, gas and geothermal exploration & production.

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With the best references

Experience in working with the leading large enterprises in the oil, gas and geothermal industry is a sound basis for success.

We have leading corporate groups in the oil and gas sector as references.


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Flexible project management for large enterprises

Greater success is your gain

With the help of external specialists, deep drilling projects for oil, gas and geothermal exploration can often be realised more quickly, economically and with less stress.

Benefit from our expert knowledge in the development and planning of deep drilling rigs.

Do you need an experienced service provider for an exploration project? To make discoveries more quickly without bottlenecks? Contact us …

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Excellent advice from the experts

Are you looking for experts to support you as service providers in oil and gas exploration as well as geothermal projects?

Are you looking for a highly flexible project management service provider for deep drilling technology, extraction technology, HSE and feasibility studies for onshore and offshore exploration?

We are happy to advise you.

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